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Repeat orders 

We hope you found your orignal first pair of Custom Insoles benefical and that you are wanting to proceed and purchase another pair. This time round itll be a lot easier and faster for you as you will not be sent another foam impression kit. Your unique foot shape and insole design are kept in our database, therefore a foam impression kit will not be sent out to you again. Making repeat pairs are easier to manufacture, so we are able to offer you a 10% discount on duplicate pairs.



Repeat pairs - Custom insoles

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Made from high quality polyproylene to your foots exacting shape and size, these custom insoles will provide support and releif to your feet for years to come.

    After capturing your foot shape in the foam impression kit, we 3d laser scan then CAD design your custom insoles before accuratley CNC milling them on our high speed machining centre.

    We than add a shock absorbing, moisure wicking and anti-bacterial top cover (which can be replaced once worn)

    The plastic part of the custom insoles is guaranteed for 5 years aginst breakage.

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