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Take A Hike Day with Custom Insoles

Take A Hike Day with Custom Insoles
Take A Hike Day with Custom Insoles

Take A Hike day is on 17th November 2023, it is a national day where people across the world participate in taking a hike on this specific day. Hoping to encourage individuals, groups of families and friends to get out into the wild and really get a taste of what it means to be away from it all again. Hiking is something that consistently helps to rebuild the human connection with nature, and also aids in maintaining healthy hearts and bodies as well.Take A Hike Day is the ideal opportunity to reconnect with the fundamentally important things in life: the fresh air, blue sky, and deep rich earth underfoot.

Safety Tips

  • Stay Hydrated- Ensure you take a bottle of water or two with you!

  • Hike with someone

  • Create an Itinerary- Plan out where you will be heading and let someone know that's your plan incase you get lost!

  • Prepare for the weather- Check out the weather forecast prior to your hike so you know what to wear. e.g if its hot the pack suncream or if its rainy then pack a waterproof jacket


Hiking insoles, also known as Custom Insoles, are specialised inserts that you place inside your hiking boots or shoes to provide additional support, comfort, and protection for your feet during hiking or other outdoor activities. Custom Insoles can enhance your overall hiking experience by addressing common foot-related issues and promoting proper alignment.

Arch Support: Hiking insoles often come with different levels of arch support, including high, medium, and low arch options. The level of support you need depends on your foot's arch type. Proper arch support can reduce fatigue, alleviate pain, and improve stability during your hikes.

Personal Comfort: Ultimately, the best hiking insoles are the ones that provide the most comfort for your unique feet. Trying out different insoles and seeking advice from a professional, such as Custom Insoles, can help you find the right fit.

Remember that everyone's feet are different,It's essential to choose hiking insoles that address your specific needs (custom made to your feet) and preferences to ensure a more enjoyable and comfortable hiking experience.

You can buy your Custom Insoles today and have them ready for Take A Hike Day!


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