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Pain relief with custom insoles, feedback from a very happy customer

As someone with high arches, a high in-step and who overpronates, finding shoes can be challenging and I have spent years buying generic insoles to try and make the shoes I can wear comfortable. I stumbled across Custom Insoles when looking up foot pain on Google and decided to take the plunge. I have had my custom insoles for 3 weeks and I am in foot heaven! It took me about 1 week to get used to them and after the first hour of wear I was very sceptical as my feet hurt... a lot! But, I can now wear my shoes for hours at a time and not even think about my feet, which is incredible. I have also noticed a reduction in leg fatigue and back pain - I have sciatica and the insoles appear to be reducing flare-ups. When you think about it, working with your natural gait makes total sense and I could've saved myself a fortune if I'd looked at custom insoles sooner!


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