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International world bicycle day

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

International world bicycle day is Friday, 3rd June 2022.

Frequent physical activity of moderate intensity like cycling, walking, running or any type of sports has huge benefits for health. Along with your health, your feet play a big factor as you use them every single day. Do you look after your feet? Have you thought about Bespoke Insoles custom made insoles?

World bicycle day engages the advantages of using a bicycle - an easy, efficient, immaculate and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation. This helps towards cleaner air and less congestion which makes education, health care and other social services more reachable to the most vulnerable populations. A sustainable transport system that encourages economic growth, reduces inequalities while strengthening the fight against climate change is critical to achieving the sustainable development goals.

Bicycles are a sense of release, they are fun- which are good for individuals mental and physical health which is also helping the planet (4 in 1 for all around). bikes are favoured and hands on, providing exercise and getting you from A to B.

Near enough anyone can ride a bike as some see it as fun and do it to go on bike rides with friends and family, or cyclists who are always on their bikes, or even others who use it as a way of transport. Everyone has their own use of a bike yet can all have the same benefits with using Custom Insoles. The lightweight custom made Bespoke Insoles will prevent over pronation as you force your power down through the pedal. you will feel the insoles as you pedal, thus providing an extra source of resistance to create extra power.

Order today and receive your new custom cycling insoles in time for international world bicycle day!!

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