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International Bike Week

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

International Bike week (6th June - 12th June)

What is international bike week?

International bike week is all about encouraging you and the people around you eg, friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours etc. to ride your bike from destination to destination such as school/ work or to your friends house, shop etc. or just doing it for fun by going on a bike ride on local paths and gardens, through nature. Not only is biking fun it is actually really healthy for you so its a win win situation.

Most recently (since covid-19) more and more people have took up cycling or rediscovered it, getting their old bike out the shed- bringing back fun memories in the moment. Some bikers do it for exercise whilst others use it for community and helping to save the environment as no fumes are being given off like a car, bus train etc. and again others just do it for fun and having a day out with friends or family. letting the air brush past you, smelling the surroundings and just having a good old laugh with your co bikers. Bikes can give everyone a sense of freedom, freedom to chose how to travel and how to live their lives better and healthier.

So, join in on bike week and start celebrating cycling, the world gives us many opportunities why not give some back and start saving the planet. Start today by giving a happier and healthier environment.

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