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Custom Insoles - TrustPilot 5 star reviews

Read our customers thoughts on their Custom Insoles- from the feedback of the efficiency of our service and quality of products to the feedback of pain relief and benefits since using Custom Insoles!

(P.s all our reviews are 5 stars)

Custom Insoles 5 Stars on Trust Pilot
Custom Insoles 5 Stars

What an excellent service and product! I have flat feet and have had issues with over pronation for years. I've tried all sorts of off the shelf insoles, but to no avail. I'm a keen runner and have always had pain in my right knee and it's just something I have got used to have managed with. Lately my ankles had feet had started to hurt more, so I decided to do some research online for custom insoles and decided to give these guys a go, and I'm so glad I did! The service has been first class, a foot impression kit was sent to me, which I returned the next day and then I had the insoles within 5 days! Very competitively priced and I'll save money longer term with all the ineffective 'off the shelf' that I've bought which were useless. I wore them immediately and felt instant support in my feet that I could tell I'd been missing for years. There was no pain, apart from a slight pressure in my arch (which is normal, as it is now being supported). Within several days I hardly notice they are there any more. My foot and ankle pain has reduced massively (and I've only been wearing them just over a week). I can see my ankles are straightening and are not leaning in severely, as they do without the insoles. The best part being my knee pain, that I've suffered with for years when running, has disappeared! Which is such a strange feeling, after all these years, but a pleasant surprise, either way! I've been that impressed I've placed a further order for two further pairs this morning, one full length and one 3/4 length for my more casual shoes. Thank you for the great service!

This company was recommended by a colleague who noticed the way I walked. I had some knee pain which I never thought was being caused by footwear and by how I walked in them. I ordered a pair, and as soon as I started using them, I noticed a difference in my stance, the way I walked improved, and the knee pain dissipated. These were an absolutely excellent investment!

Excellent service Found the kit simple to use with helpful instructions,quick turn around Great insoles ,no more sore ankles or knees since I’ve had them ! Efficient company very happy 😊

So good I have finally found the solution to all my foot issues amazing I can't think why I didn't know you could buy custom insoles before! They were so kind and sent me two different sizes of lifts when I have forgotten to ask and straight away too. Lovely family run company and great customer service.

It took time to get feet adapted and with full sole. Can take inner sole out of new shoes. And wear the custom made ones. Never looked back. Had 2nd pair done and now looking to ask for another. Yes it can be expensive. We only pay for what we get.

efficient service fantastic product. I had suffered from Plantar Fashiatis for 18 months and spent a fortune on different things, these insoles work, 4-6 weeks after first fitting to my shoes total relief, I wear them all the time. Thanks

We were at the food & garden show at the NEC in June and one of the displays was a ‘foot measuring’ so I decided to have a go. I was most surprised that I had a supinated foot which meant that I had a very high instep. I decided to do some research on this and found ‘Custom Insoles’ so decided to have a pair custom made. This was a great decision and I got used to them in hours. I wear trainers nearly every day so I have used them constantly for the past 3 months. The fit is perfect and would definitely recommend them.

Literally a game changer , was struggling with my work boots and missing out on my hobbies… Great product and service.👍💪🏻

This has got to be the best thing I have done by getting custom made insoles. Searched the internet high and low after years of getting ready made ones off the NHS. At first they felt awkward and strange. Gave them time like specialists say. After about 3 weeks they were brilliant. 5 months on and still brilliant. I am on my feet all day as a traffic warden. l walk on an average about 10-13 miles pair day and I haven’t had any problems. First class service from the start. Can not fault anything at all

Super easy process to take your imprint with the supplied kit. Insoles arrived promptly and the fit was perfect.

The process from start to finish was easy and good thanks.

Very easy to order and great feel when on the bikeEasy experience and quick turnaround


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